My name is Dori (not like the fish) Stolmaker.  

I have been an athlete for many years, all while working and juggling life.  I would think of all the stresses, challenges, and plain ole' stuff that I didn't want to deal with anymore.  It was the "IT" in life, minus the "SH".  When I was done running my "IT" was gone.  I had run "IT" off and I truly felt like a better person. So whatever your activity, hobby, or choice of de-stresser is use it to feel better every day.  

I call it the "IT" line.

Even though I work in a place where the beach, water, fishing, and all the other fun stuff resides, I love it!  My Fish IT Off cap represents everything I love about fishing.  Even though I don't get to fish as much as I want I am reminded of how special it  is when I do and how I forget about everything, all the "IT" and find that happy place when fishing (even if I don't catch anything).

For many of us we forget what our passions are in life because we don't have time to commit to them.  We have families, kids, work, school, school activities, work commitments, bills, chores, cleaning, oh and don't forget grocery shopping! and the list goes on.  Those things take us away from what we love to do, ya know the "IT" we don't want to do. 

Being part of the "IT" community brings us back to what we love to do.  Remember we don't have do follow our dreams all the time to get that feeling back that we once knew. That "IT" never goes away, until we do something to make it go away.  Set your thing in life to let loose of the "IT" and lets wake the sleeping giant within us all.